Charm Bracelets Making A Strong Comeback

Look in any catalogue for a major jeweler and you’ll see a version of it. And they’re not always cheap. The good news is, you can add to them at your own pace.
The line ‘Charmed Memories’ has become one of the best sellers for Kay and Belden jewelers, it seems. Everywhere I look, I see a beautifully unique version of beads and finely-sculpted stoppers, colorful, and fitting to each woman’s personality.
The chain for the bracelet runs you between $50 and $70, and each bead or stopper can cost as little as $15 or as much as $50. Again, the one-of-a-kind effect is worth this pricey memento. And the fact that it can be built charm-by-charm in as little or as much time as desired makes it a great choice.
(P.S., they’re all 10 percent off, right now!)

Other similar looks come from:


Tiffany & Co. has long been a status symbol, set apart from the rest. Tiffany silver costs more, means more (to some), and has been the inspiration for movie scenes and even titles.
You really want to wow someone? Give her a Tiffany charm bracelet. Complete with little blue box and tied with a white ribbon, when she finds that little blue satchel inside, she’ll likely scream or tear up joyously before she even opens it. And a Tiffany charm is a milestone for any girl. For most of us, it’s not like every holiday brings such an opportunity.

This one won’t break your piggy bank, believe it or not. On sale, as we speak, is this FASHIONISTA charm bracelet by Zales. Yes, you heard me, ladies. If you’re actually reading this, you probably want this bracelet. Handbags, stilettos, martinis, cell phones and an oversized pair of shades are just a few of the pre-selected charms on this sterling silver steal: under $100!

Believe this or not, there’s a high-end designer willing to sacrifice silver and gold for like-metals, giving you the ultimate price break. Are you shopping for yourself? No man willing to buy you that Tiffany bracelet? Show everyone that it doesn’t matter — because if status is everything, this Juicy Couture charm bracelet is nicely-priced (under $50) and fabulously chic. You win. You’re welcome.

For all you Coach-carting fashion junkies, your eyes are about to light up. This company brought it to a Tiffany level at a decent price, too. For under $120, you can get this set of three charm bangles by Coach! And they’re new, so you’ve got time to save up for them!

? Not keen on bracelets but love the idea of the charmed look? Try a necklace, watch or pair of earrings – same concept.
? Maybe you need one in silver and one in gold – the possibilities are endless!
? These are very popular right now, but they’re a classic style. Charm bracelets have been, for a very long time.
? Yours will always be unique – chances are that no one is going to have the same charms when there are literally hundreds to choose from per brand.
? Another fantastic fact: Many of the charms are inter-changeable, as in, they don’t necessarily have to be the same brand to go on a certain bracelet. If you’re looking at the most popular style charm bracelet now, it’s like all the jewelers got together and agreed on a specific chain width and style; and the same generally goes for the beads and charms that fit to the chains.
? It’s a perfect and sentimental gift idea for someone who otherwise has everything. And with Valentine’s Day swiftly approaching, I’d strongly suggest one of these ever-popular items.

Charm Bracelets Making A Strong Comeback

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